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The Drew Collection by FASCIA


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Dr. Charles Drew (d. 1950) was an African-American surgeon who is best known for revolutionizing the field of blood transfusions. Despite his role with the American Red Cross, Drew was fervently opposed to their radical segregation of blood donation and tirelessly fought against it. It was not until after his death that these unscientific policies were finally abandoned. The Drew Collection recognizes this tortured legacy, highlighting the parallels between it and the realities of today, where our blood is so easily spilled in the streets.

THE MISSION / Fascia is the tough connective tissue layer that covers most of the important structures in the body below the skin. For us, it symbolizes what is below the surface; the union of consumers as an entity. FASCIA aims to create a sustainable model to enhance our communities through fashion and measurable change. Through creating fashion forward pieces inspired by the individual styles found in the communities that we belong to, we use a portion of proceeds to fund enrichment programs for aspiring black doctors.  

ESTABLISHED: 2014, Nashville (in a cadaver lab)

Artists and Creators behind Fascia /

Theodore Uzamere: Co-Founder and Art Director of FASCIA. He is currently a resident physician in Pediatrics at Texas Children's Hospital and a graduate of Meharry Medical College. 

- Abbas Rattani: Co-Founder and Operations Director of FASCIA. Filmmaker and academic, currently at MIPSTERZ.    


All profits go to: 

The Five Hundred Scholarship Fund

With our mission in mind, the Five Hundred Scholarship Fund was created to help provide black students academic support and mentorship. Every year, 20,000 students matriculate into medical schools every year.  In Altering the Course: Black Males in Medicine, a report by the Association of American Medical Colleges, only 515 black males matriculated into medical school in 2014. In fact, there were less black students matriculating into medical school in 2014 than there were in 1978. The Five Hundred Scholarship Fund aims to not only fund prep courses and materials for undergraduate pre-medical students, but provide the mentorship tools necessary to increase the number of matriculating minority students. 

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